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Sharing the Things You Love

Spending quality time with your child is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to raising them. When you share a hobby or a passion with your child, it teaches them to invest time, energy, and hard work in to something that they love. When they can see the results of that hard work, you teach them that it pays off. That can be winning a talent show, getting an MVP award on the baseball team, doing well at a dance recital, placing in a karate competition, or in this case, taking a great picture.

For his third birthday, my son received a Fisher Price Digital Camera. As is necessary with a toddler, it was drop proof and quite simple. Though it was clearly made for children, it took an actual digital photo and my son was able to see the pictures that he took. Everywhere I go I carry my camera so he constantly saw me taking pictures of animals, people, and scenery, and then sharing those pictures with others. He soon would take pictures of his favorite animals at Homosassa Wildlife Park or Animal Kingdom then run up smiling and yelling, “I got the shot, Daddy!!!” He was so proud to show me the little 2-megapixel pictures, and I always told him how great he did. He loves taking pictures of people together then seeing their reactions when he shows them.

Everywhere we go he usually has his little backpack, and that camera is in there. Sometimes he even uses one of my Canon point and shoot cameras. In the near future we will be looking at upgrading to a Polaroid camera to teach him to choose his shots, and when he takes pictures of people, he can give them an actual photo and experience the gratification for his caring and work.

Children are a product of how much time and effort a parent invests in them. Photography is one of the many activities that my son and I share now, and I am excited to see him grow and develop his talent over time. It’s never too early to start you kid off with taking pictures or any activity that requires passion, hard work, and attention to detail.

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